A Human Centered
UX & Service Designer

Hi! My name is Erik Lindahl, a UX & Service Designer. Based on thorough research, I will help you design desirable experiences for your customers – perfectly combined with your business objectives, resources and feasible technology.

This is referred to as customer-centricity, Design Thinking, or human-centered design (you may be familiar with more terms such as UX design, CX, Service Design, Lean, and design sprints). In reality, they’re just slightly different approaches on how to work in an effective way with design and innovation. I’ll set you up with this proven and effective process, that can deliver optimal business value for your organisation.

Say goodbye to unproductive meetings, the fear of mistakes or changes, and all the other problems that comes out of opinion-centered work. Instead – with the help of a customer centric approach – let us make your product or service more desired and appreciated by your customers. As a bonus, it’ll also make your work more fun and rewarding!

I will help you with:

  • UX, research & service design
  • Setting up a customer centric workflow in your company
  • Coaching your teams in effective methodology
  • Alignment between product, sales, customer support etc
  • Combining customer needs with business viability & technological feasibility

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Interaction Designer, UX Lead, Service Designer, CEO, Coach, 
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UX seminars and workshops

Erik Lindahl, UX designer


Titles. I’ve never liked them much. They tend to shift like the wind, imply unreasonable importance, or fail to fulfill their promises. Luckily, what seems to last is experience.

Through my 13 years of experience as a design student, intern, interaction designer, art director, service designer, teacher, head of UX & and co-founder of a digital agency – my strive has always been to gather more and more knowledge.

I allowed myself to fail, I kept on experimenting – and moved on from just designing digital interfaces, into designing organisations.

Nowadays, I work as a consultant & facilitator – educating UX students, coaching teams in organisations, supporting management & boards – designing for experiences, everywhere.

UX design course and workshop

Photo by: Gabriella Gonzalez Carvajal

UX & Design Thinking workshops and training

UX is definitely about delivering great experiences to users. But it’s also about all the ”invisible” things running in the background; how your CRM system works, how support handles complaints & aligns with sales and product development, and how your employees can deliver maximum value to your business – by focusing on what’s important for your customers.

I host workshops and training in various fields:

  • UX design, Design Thinking, and customer centric work
  • Customer journey & impact mapping
  • Research, usability testing and design leadership
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