Workshops & training in
UX & Design Thinking

Time to get new – or deepened – skills in the field of UX? Does your current design process lack a proper routine for specifying and analyzing customer needs? Or perhaps you need help in transforming your company to a customer centric focus? I can tailor workshops and training to suit your situation and organisation.



Workshops & training

1-2 days workshop

UX strategies for the executive board

What is UX, and what does it take to make your organisation profit from it? A customer centric shift needs to be subsidised by the leadership. Learn how to coach and support your teams & departments with structure, methodology and processes.

1-2 days workshop

UX toolkit for the team – boost your skills

What does it take for you, as a team, to succeed with your user experience work? What support is required from management, and what methods are needed in your day-to-day work? Boost your design skills with a whole new toolkit to work with!

Workshop or course

Customer journeys & impact mapping

Learn how to understand the needs of your customers, and the lifecycle of your product. What happens before, during & after your customer's interactions with your business touch points? Gain critical insights and prioritize your efforts for maximum effect!

1 day workshop

Ideation, innovation & brainstorming techniques

Hands-on guidance for creative innovation techniques such as brainstorming, design studio, and mash-ups. During this inspiring day, you'll learn to use the methods, as well as coming up with many new ideas for your own business!

1-2 days workshop

What is UX & Design Thinking?

Why is UX so important for your business, and how can it make your customers happier? Learn how customer centricity can help you innovate your industry, and transform your business into an effective and more profitable organisation!

Who is it for?

A common misbelief, is that UX is only for designers. In reality, UX and customer centric work is for everyone – designers, business analysts, project leaders, product owners, managers, marketers, developers etc. It’s hard to think of any part of your company that couldn’t benefit from understanding UX & customer centric methodology!

When is it useful?

Anytime, everywhere. I help to coach and support teams & departments with the structure, methodology and processes needed to work efficiently with UX and CX. I work with everything from product teams and inhouse departments, to customer support, IT and sales. Maybe you are an executive board that need to understand the so-called “digital transformation” you are heading in to, or maybe you are a marketing department that needs to shift to a customer centric approach?

A great start is a one-day workshop – for inspiration, or to boost your current skills. The most important thing is to take the first step!

What will you get?

I can tailor a solution that is suitable for your situation; anything from a half-day workshop, to a longer engagement. From the very first day, you’ll explore a whole new toolkit to work with, and learn how to better align with your colleagues through;

  • UX best practices, Design Thinking, human-centered design and customer centric methodologies
  • Customer journey & impact mapping – learn to understand the needs of your customers & the lifecycle of your product
  • Research, interview techniques and usability testing
  • Prototyping, wireframes and building a ”Minimum Viable Product” (MVP)
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